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Saturday, May 27, 2006


hi just thought of making a new blog
its for the creative people writers on this under construction :)
putting my creative work in it till then enjoy this wonderful song
SITE BEST VIEWED IN 1024*768 PIXLES change if possible tc:) have fun

Saturday, May 27, 2006


hi just thought of making a new blog
its for the creative people writers on this under construction :)
putting my creative work in it till then enjoy this wonderful song
SITE BEST VIEWED IN 1024*768 PIXLES change if possible tc:) have fun

Monday, May 22, 2006

~toY ManUFACTURer~

this other day i was in the shop ,buying a gift for a teacher who was leaving friends were buying some perfume and i wasnt interested at all i was browsing through the toys,the HOTWHEELS, i played with them when i was a kid,i remember sitting in front of shops not moving an inch untill and unless i had the latest hotwheel model in my cute hands..:)
they have come up a long way i liked the new models ,they got creative model makers,the twin engines and the big and the small wheel,and they come up with new sets like racing cars ,the vintage cars ,,u gonna look at it and they are pretty cheap ,
just came into my mind i wanna be a toy manufacturer its fun making such stuff for kids wow
designing things which they would cuddle and sleep al night unwilling to leave it the entire day
anyways let dreams be dreams!!! have fun

~niCk NAmes~

i was just wondering how do people get their nick or pet names..they get if from the people around them ,parents grandparents and the nick name goes along with them no matter how big they grow ,,mine is babuu,my sis calls me babs when she is in a gud mood,my friends do have nick names i guess i should name them
starting with
Paras:this guy doesnt but if he had one it would be"pario"
Kaushal:umm he likes being called kaush :)
Kalpit: MaMoo
Khilin:nay no idea tell me
Neha:Babuu hi hai
Nirav:Buzoo hehe we call him
Krupa:Krupz na...
Sharmin:binu ki pinu i m confused
Azhar:Azzi ..



guys it was fun writing this.

~grads last year~

this is our last grad year:(( these 3 years just passed by as if time had no mercy on us.there were a couple of ups and downs but we stood firm and walked by sorting it all out..i still cant believe only 7 more months to go and then all of us move into our career paths.i just wonder some times cant time stop cant we just be 19 or 20 for the rest of our lives..and then it comes into my mind no rohan we cant we have to move on make up our careers ,hav a family,hav kids,,we gotta settle down someday somewhere..vruti dont cry after reading this :)
now before my keyboards gets wet with my salty water in my eyes i gonna wrap this thing up

just a simple hi:)

hy frends blogging after soooo long.....was busy since a past few weeks...newayss now im here i gonna write about i dont know what exactly i should write...just listening to westlife evry little thing you do!!its an amazing song..if u need it email me at ill send it to u fellas...

Thursday, March 30, 2006

a colourless life!

aunty tv dekhna hai,this girl with curly brown unkept hair says to my mom everyday to turn on the tv playing those latest jhoom jhoom and the dus bahane remixes,
she doesnt study and she will never ever:( cause her parents are busy cementing the bricks on this new building coming up.
i dont know where her future lies.i guess she would inherit the same pro as her parents carrying bricks and cementing them,neither her kids would study in the near future.
what could i do?i could have taught her abcd or numbers but who cares ,im busy blogging this site:( ...i am aware this kid would only stay in a mud house without a tv set which she would be seeing for a couple of days before moving on to a new site:(
this is my fourth :( expression but i m confused.......can you do something ??

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


i am bored ,not with life....watching my mom see those freaky saas bahu soaps ,they haunt me like anything,whenever i am around the telivision they either keep crying for some stupid reason or someone left the house without informing or may be a character is sent to the almighty..ekta pleaseee stop these crapy soaps and get the viewers something realistic which has a positive approach and some logical meaning into it..
i am sure 75% of indias popullation is into this crapy shit most of them homemakers and some men who have nothing else to do in this life and just stick on to this bull shit soaps!!:( pity u ekta for making such yukky its better to be abducted by some insane person than to watch these k series...
:) enjoy life and watch some good hygenic which would keep your pressure balanced cya tc!!


hy friends !! just wanted to ask you something ever had a telephonic conversation with ur mom for over an hour?? with your dad??? bro sis ???nooo!!!umm naaaaaaa
and your friendS?? yea we talked for an hour..!!:( thats bad i guess...cause whenever in life you have noone to be precise noone look behind you theirs you momma ,dad ,little sis they r all standing with you and they will stand their for you forever!!forever!!
thats a family !!!
no matter what ,,how big you grow,,how far you reach never ever leave your family!coz they r the ones who have taken you up there so never climb the steps without your family:)
be together always!!!

different aromas of life!

a johnson baby powder would remind u of ur childhood days(if u applied it lol)..the first rain which would make the mud wet would remind u of olden days...a particular perfume would remind you of someone :) ..i guess these are different aromas which will be touching our smelling senses through out our lives..
a small little girl having a hanky pinned on her kinder garten dress when she wipes her dripping gola falling on her dress would remind of her mom the smelling sensation of her moms heart whih she gave her in the morning when she leftfor her nursery!
isnt that true??ever felt that
thats sensation of life filled with different aromas!!!

vrooooom vroom

vroooommmmmmmmm....having a big price tag this cars big in size in too:) heh i sat in this car today!!it was fabulous!! zero-100 in just 5 smart seconds...i guess that this dream car shuld be taken away for a ride in heaven!!its simple superb naaa its bmw the 2006 7 series.....wuld definately not dream about it but would definately buy one ;-)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

mOcHAs how is it pronounced yaar?

heh lets hang out somewhere?mochas ????heard of it??
mochas is a place where u get a wide variety of hookas,some unheard hard drinks and some nice chocolate treats!
been their a couple of time i have observed people are enjoying for the moment..THOUGH the hookahs dont cost a bomb but still its a waste i guess..playing light music around the ambience is amzing enough to keep their butts in the huts..
once in a while its fine...but i guess many people turn up evryday to tear their dads wallets lol who cares.
afterall we all do go once in a while ;-) ...

heh hy just thought of writing on kids....after seeing their innocence i feel there's something good left on this planet...
a kid would be desperate to become a teen a teen to an adult but sometimes we think what if we were still kids naa..we had no tensions no responsibilities ,no monetary probs, nothing just sit pee,eat,play and relax ... if i were given a wish i would wish to enter the gates of my childhood :) cya

Thursday, March 23, 2006

~~~Hell or Heaven??~~~~

first the chick or the egG?who cares afterall heh but when i t comes to death whats lies for us in that packet?hell or heaven ??arent all of us interested ..?naa im not i could accept either of the both...
some people believe in karma the doing in this world and your moving of your soul into hell or heaven depends upon that some people believe moksha or moksh where the soul is reborn in this world in one form or another and the whole process is repeated.
nobody knows what happens..what happens in the judgement day ,whether god exists or not,whether there r two doors leading to hell or heaven??
nobody knows nobody!!!
i wish we could talk to people up there and share our thoughts ...ask them about their lives ,but that could be only in your dreams,so keep dreaming.because what u cant see it in reality it could be in your dreams!!

lucky me or lucky you??

we always believe we arent lucky enough to be in this world!huh..hes born with a silver spoon ...shes got a huge bank account...ever wondered what do we have???
somethings i think over it we are lucky guys to be in this beautiful harsh world.....people dont have the basic essentialities in this life..we do have it ,so why not live this life ,we are lucky to have a sweet home with wonderful parents,friends who make an important ingredient of our lives..!!!lucky me or lucky you haan ??think of it!!!!

why time flies so fast

yesterday i was at my frends paras's place ,i kaushal and paras were playing computer games like kids ,running this TAXI over people ,running fast cars,killing terrorists and rescuing hostages...we didnt realize we r 19 yr olds :) we kept playing it was fun..god knows when will we realise...


Behind The Lens

hi ...disha told me a new site about photography it rocks disha!!heh it has the coolest pics of todays includes modern+ traditional photography,it has some of the worlds best photographs.a vast gallery to browse from u can download the pics on your pc and keep it as a kewl wallpaper..let others envy:)

teri deewani

heh hi i m blogging after sooooo long..!!newayss heh yesterday i listened to this song on MTV by Kailash Kher Teri Deewani and man its an awesome song with a awesome flows so well ..yesterday night i had it installed on my comp from ,its still being played on my comp while im punching this!!

a must listen for everyone who wants to fall in love or has already fallen into it!!take care guys and do listen to that amazing track...